Bloody Boo Period Cup - About the Cup | Thing You Wanna Know

Bloody Boo Period Cup is made of 100% medical-grade silicone and is free from latex, dyes, and other materials harmful to our body. So yes, it is completely safe to be used

A Bloody Boo Period Cup can last up to 10 years with proper care. Remember to sterilize your cup every end of your menstrual cycle.

Here’s our size guide:

Mini Size – Suitable for teens, people who have light menstrual flow, or those who have not given birth vaginally

Midi Size – Suitable for people who have heavy menstrual flow or have given birth vaginally

You will not feel any pain or discomfort if your period cup is worn correctly. Check out our instruction guide to make sure you wear your period cup correctly.

Practice makes perfect. Don’t panic if you find it difficult to use, you’ll definitely need some time mastering it. So yes, it is easy to use after you mastered it and it will not leak if worn correctly.

It is reusable and can last up to 10 years. Unlike pad or tampon, period cup works by collecting menstrual blood instead of absorbing it. Studies suggested that period cups leak significantly lesser than pads and tampons.

Period cup is suitable for anyone who has a period and using it  will not take away your virginity. The hymen can be interfered with not just by a period cup or a tampon but also our daily activities such as exercising, doing yoga, dancing, riding a bike, etc. 

Virginity is the state of a person who has never engaged in sexual intercourse. If your hymen was stretched because of anything else than having sex, it does not mean you have lost your virginity.

Of course! Wearing a period cup will not affect your daily activities and it can be totally leak-free if being worn correctly. This allows you to perform your usual activities without any hassle.

Yes. A period cup sits inside your vagina and it does not interfere with your urethral opening and anus, so doesn’t stop you peeing or pooping. Just pee and poop as you normally would!

Yes, you can use a period cup when you have an IUD. A period cup sits inside the vagina, hence, it would not interfere with your IUD that is sitting inside the uterus.

It’s possible, but very unlikely. TSS occurs when Staphylococcus bacterias are being pushed deeper into the body or entering your bloodstream when there is a wound, cut, or tear in the vaginal tissue. 

Good news is, TSS can be prevented with proper cup hygiene. You can reduce the risk of getting TSS by washing your hands thoroughly before removing/ inserting your cup and cleaning/ sterilizing your cup before insertion or every cycle of your period. Making sure your period cup is clean all the time is important.

No, any kind of penetrative sex is not possible while wearing a period cup. Please remove your period cup while having sex.

Yes. We offer a 120-day trial that allows you to take the time to master the period cup without any stress. If you have any issue using the period cup, do not hesitate to contact us to seek help. If you still don’t like it after trying for 4 cycles, get in touch with us to arrange for a refund.

Bloody Boo Period Cup - Insertion | Removal | Cleaning & Care

Fold your cup as small as possible or follow our folding technique guide here so that it is easier to be inserted. Insert the rim first into your vagina, and make sure your period cup pops open and forms a suction seal when it is inside your vagina.

Definitely yes! Feel free to use a water-based lubricant on the exterior of the period cup or just rinse it with water before insertion.

After insertion, run your fingers around the base of your period cup and try rotating it to check if it has fully opened and has created a suction seal.

We have tried all the folding techniques and found that punch-down fold works perfectly for most of us, followed by 7-fold and C-fold, and then the remaining. However, there is no rule to which technique you should follow. So feel free to explore your own preference!

If you are facing issues inserting your period cup, check out our instruction guide here or reach out to us for help.

First, find a comfortable position to sit on or squat and relax your body. Breath in, breath out, repeat your breathing until your body gets into a relaxed state. Using your abdominal muscles, bear down as if you are pooping to push your period cup slightly down in your vagina. Then, locate the stem of your period cup and pinch the base of it to release suction, gently pull the period cup out of your vagina. Make sure your body is fully relaxed when you are removing your cup so that your vaginal muscles won’t tense up. Rest and try again if it doesn’t work. 

No, a period cup can’t get lost inside your vagina. Unless you are giving birth, your cervix acts as a barrier between the uterus and the vagina. It opens slightly to let out our menstrual fluid, but that opening is no way big enough to let a period cup in.

A period cup can be worn for up to 12 hours. You may have to empty down your period cup 2 – 4 times a day depending on how heavy your flow is.

It is completely leak-free if worn correctly. And again, practice makes perfect, be patient with yourself while you are taking the time to master a period cup.

Inserting and removing a period cup can be messy especially if you are not used to the techniques. Take the time you need or go as slow as possible while removing a period cup to reduce “mess” and avoid spillage. Remember to keep your period cup upright while pulling it out. No doubt, you’ll touch a bit of your menstrual blood during insertion or removal, but getting a little blood on your fingers is not a big deal when you get to enjoy a better period experience with our period cup. Right? Remember to wash your hands with soap before and after insertion/ removal!

Wash it with water and a mild soap that is oil-free and PH-balanced to maintain the quality of your period cup. Check the air holes and make sure they are clear after washing. If not, rub it with your fingers and rinse the holes with water to unclog any residue.

First, fill the Bloody Boo Sterilizing container with water and place your period cup inside. Then, microwave for 3 minutes or until water boils. Make sure the lid is loosely placed on top of the container and DO NOT close the lid when you microwave it. Once the water has cooled down, remove your period cup and air dry it. Your period cup is now ready to be used for your next period cycle. After sterilization, clean the container in the dishwasher and air dry it. Store your period cup in the Bloody Boo Period Cup Casing to protect it before the next cycle.

Silicone may discolour over time but does not mean your period cup is defective or dirty. To prevent discolouration, rinse your period cup with cold water first every time when you are emptying it down. You may then continue with the remaining cleaning process.

While the silicone that our period cup is made from is odourless, it is still possible for your cup to develop an odour with regular use. Don’t worry if you smell a strange odour from your period cup, just soak it with vinegar diluted with water (1:1) or pure lemon juice diluted with water (1:1) for 45 minutes, wash and sterilize the cup after that, and dry it under the sunlight.

You may store/ keep it inside the casing that comes along with your period cup or breathable container.


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We offer a 120-day trial that allows you to take the time to master the period cup without any stress. If you have any issue using the period cup, do not hesitate to contact us to seek help. If you still don’t like it after trying for 4 cycles (120-day), get in touch with us to arrange for a refund.

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